Doctors & Physicians

Prescription Medications are my pet peeve of the moment here.

I think prescription meds are handed out like candy these days. I don't knock the need in most cases, and I know the doctors are supposed to monitor how the patient is doing, HOWEVER, this feedback from the patient is what the doctors continue to act on rather than make their own tests and summary. There are substances given to people with literally NO questions being asked first about prior drug issues and other risks that may lead to dependency and potential abuse.

The only follow up is the patient feedback even if the patient is glazing over a massive problem that has developed in their life due to this.

I have (unfortunately) witnessed this first hand and am shocked and saddened to see a person with "old drug issues" be given a prescription for a substance that was basically the hybrid , cleaner version of the methamphetamines they used to have issues with. It completely changed the person into a bi-polar type, suicidal, self destructive personality. This person had a massive seizure after almost 2 years of taking too heavy a dosage of these meds to feed their dependency and I watched them basically die right in front of me. A few minutes of CPR revived the person who then was their same old self for a few weeks after being pulled from the meds. The 4th week they caved in a took the substance again, and overnight the change was apparent as they reverted back to the "old, substance dependent self".

This person is in a high pressure job and and abuses this substance to maintain a "functional dependency" during the work day but crashes in the evenings and spirals out of control with violent rages, amazing irrationality, delusional arguments, self inflicted personal physical injuries, extreme paranoia, the ability to block out and never face a thing they say or do, and a level of instability I've never encountered before.

I tried to "be there" and be supportive for this person for about 3 years of this activity, but a number of months back the person looked me in the eye and declared that "they would never quit taking their "legal meth" again for the rest of their life.

I had no choice but to let this person run their own life and quit trying to be of any help. You really CAN'T help those who won't be bothered to help them self.

I feel the physicians involved have allowed this drug to take a grip on a person who shouldn't have been tempted by it in the first place. It was unfortunate that the person was able to "talk their way into" this drug in the first place considering their past history of letting amphetamines get a grip on them and screw up their life, but I consider it negligent on the physicians and counselors parts to allow it to continue and support this addiction.